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We help all health-tech, life science and industry professionals land their dream jobs.

We aim to help doctors, physical therapists, nurses, pharmacists, digital health leaders and more, as they transition to jobs beyond the clinic.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help job seekers land their dream jobs in the healthcare, health-tech and life science industries through hands-on expert support.

Meet our founder

Dr. Rami Wehbi DO

Rami, a family physician by training, has accomplished significant achievements in the medical field. He successfully grew a medical podcast, initially ranked within the top 50, to an impressive audience of over 10,000 doctors.

Alongside his medical expertise, Rami also possesses valuable business development and startup operations experience, with a solid two-year track record in this domain. His multifaceted skills and accomplishments make him a unique and accomplished professional.

Listen to Rami's Podcast, Beyond Medicine.

Beyond Medicine is a healthcare community podcast focused on exploring the cutting edge of science & medicine, & learning from todays leaders.

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